1st time Starting a Travelers Notebook!

For my 1st post I wanted to share my Travelers Notebook since it is something I am newly starting as well. I decided to add an insert book into my notebook to track my blog posting schedule and YouTube schedules. I thought it would be a fun project to share with everyone since traveler notebooks are becoming more and more popular.


I got a cheap one to try out and see if I like it, If I do I will probably end up buying a fancier one. Mine is a simple tropical themed one made by recollections at Micheals. It came with one insert and I did buy a few other inserts as well. I plan to mostly make my own inserts tho.

Inserts: 1st one it came with the Kraft ones I bought separate 

As far as my first insert in the travelers notebook, it is a homemade insert and that is the one I briefly talked about up above where I will be keeping track of posting schedule’s and mapping out ideas and things like that. I am not sure yet what other inserts I plan on using I thought about maybe an art journal insert or just a fun one filled with quotes. I also plan on using one as a journal when I finish my current journal.

My Handmade insert Inside the notebook!

I hope I gave you all some creative ideas into using a travelers notebook and I hope you all enjoy my first post. Also feel free to comment your own ideas and uses for a travelers notebook. And if you want to see more follow my social media to get the most of everything I post!



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