Maryland Zoo

Hello, Today I am going to share with everyone my trip to the Maryland Zoo, also known as the Baltimore Zoo. So any of you who know me or have been following me on social media for a while know I love Elephants! I was so excited to see 3 at the Zoo in person they are just the coolest animal ever.. I think!

Another pretty cool animal at the Zoo were the Giraffes, Its amazing just how tall they are up close and in person. We even got to see them feeding them which was pretty neat as well.

The Maryland Zoo isn’t huge but, I think its a very nice place to go! Its kid friendly they have a whole section dedicated for children with slides, animals and little fun photo opp. things like a bird nest children can sit in and a turtle shell they can crawl in! We went to the Zoo with some friends who have a 5 year old and he had a blast!

Here’s some more random animals from the zoo thanks for reading and let me know if you would like to see more of my travels in the future.

Have a Lovely Day!


Layout! “Be who you Are”

Hello and Welcome, today I am here to share a new layout with you all. I am using a free cut file from paper issues Featuring a star frame. I loved the stars and knew I had to use it on a layout. I decided to use a photo (selfie) of my new hair color. The title of the layout fits into my choosing the hair color which I will explain in a bit.


In the next photo you can see a close up of the mixed media work I did to prep the background. I used modeling paste and a little acrylic paint with some color sprays to make the splatters.


As I was saying above with the title connection to the photo. I liked the title as a statement to show people to be who they want and not worry about what others think. Which is exactly what I had to do when I dyed my hair purple. I have always wanted to try purple hair but, I was too afraid to try it. so I finally decided to be brave and go for it.


I hope you enjoy the layout and my small story about braving purple hair. Which by the way I totally love my hair and I am so glad I did it. I hope you get some inspiration from this story weather its to make a cool layout or brave something new!!

Thanks for reading feel free to comment and ask questions!!

1st time Starting a Travelers Notebook!

For my 1st post I wanted to share my Travelers Notebook since it is something I am newly starting as well. I decided to add an insert book into my notebook to track my blog posting schedule and YouTube schedules. I thought it would be a fun project to share with everyone since traveler notebooks are becoming more and more popular.


I got a cheap one to try out and see if I like it, If I do I will probably end up buying a fancier one. Mine is a simple tropical themed one made by recollections at Micheals. It came with one insert and I did buy a few other inserts as well. I plan to mostly make my own inserts tho.

Inserts: 1st one it came with the Kraft ones I bought separate 

As far as my first insert in the travelers notebook, it is a homemade insert and that is the one I briefly talked about up above where I will be keeping track of posting schedule’s and mapping out ideas and things like that. I am not sure yet what other inserts I plan on using I thought about maybe an art journal insert or just a fun one filled with quotes. I also plan on using one as a journal when I finish my current journal.

My Handmade insert Inside the notebook!

I hope I gave you all some creative ideas into using a travelers notebook and I hope you all enjoy my first post. Also feel free to comment your own ideas and uses for a travelers notebook. And if you want to see more follow my social media to get the most of everything I post!